Today was an exhausting day: I left Louisville, KY at 9pm last night, drove to central-Ohio, slept for 4 hours, and then woke up and drove to Philadelphia, had lunch and hit the road to Syracuse.

As I slowly cruised along the final stretch of I-81 toward Syracuse, my phone rang: it was Jack's mom. I quickly turned off my music, cleared my throat and answered my phone. We introduced ourselves (Dyana had put us in touch), and began talking about Jack and the project.

Jack's mom, Kim, told me a little bit about Jack and bragged about him for close to 20 minutes -- as any proud mom would do. Kim explained that their entire family was excited about this video project, and had always supported Jack in this wish from Day 1.

In the interest of keeping some suspense I won't tell too much of Jack's story just yet, but after talking to Kim m exhaustion was gone; I was filled with excitement to tackle Jack's story!