On December 21, 1988 PanAm Flight 103 from London to New York City was bombed over the town of Lockerbie, Scotland. All 259 passengers were killed, as well as 11 addition people on the ground. There were 35 Syracuse University students on board the plane; while news of the tragedy shook the world, two towns, Lockerbie and Syracuse, felt the heart wrenching loss of life no town should ever have to endure.

Over the years, family, friends, classmates and neighbors teamed together to tackle the seemingly impossible task of honoring the victims, and celebrating their lives. 27 years later, much of the world has forgotten the tragedy, however a special bond remains between Syracuse and Lockerbie. While the towns are an ocean apart, the bond formed between the two towns is immeasurable. It is founded on love, compassion and hope, and kept alive by the determination to 'look back, and act forward' in honor of the victims.

This past semester I was one of 35 recipients of The Remembrance Scholarship; an award given to graduating seniors in honor of the 35 SU students who were killed in the Pan Am bombing in 1988. Although I wasn't alive during the time, or know any of the victims directly, the connection to them has become strong. I feel a longing to explore the incident more, and to merge my passion for visual storytelling with this interest. 

Later this spring I will travel to Lockerbie, Scotland and will produce a multimedia project on the incident, and its impact on Syracuse and Lockerbie. My goal is to explore the connection between the towns of Lockerbie and Syracuse, as well as show the tragedy in a new light; so as to explore 'what more is Lockerbie' than just a location of a tragedy. 


I am excited about this project, and while I am still outlining the themes I'll be exploring, I will share more soon!

 35 Dove balloons are released during the 2015 Remembrance Week in Syracuse

35 Dove balloons are released during the 2015 Remembrance Week in Syracuse