After shooting some conceptual shots at the field, I drove to Manlius and met with the entire Sheridan family.

They welcomed me into their home, sat me down, offered my food and made me feel like I was part of the family. I introduced myself and my goal with the project, and we spent well over an hour talking about Jack and his history, and what the purpose and goals of the project.

We then sat down and went over schedules and I was given access to Jack's life and activities for the coming semester. The amount of trust and faith I had been given is almost overwhelming. At one point Jack's mom thanked me; it was confusing at first. But she thanked me for telling her son's story and honoring her family by producing the piece -- I guess I had never seen it that way, but it put an entirely new light on my project.

After looking at our schedules for the week, we decided I'd meet Jack at school on Wednesday and film him in the halls, and do a pre-interview with him.

The meeting today really put a lot into perspective and completely re-nergized me for this project (and final semester)!!