"The Barbara"

It’s not yet daybreak as Captain Salva helms the Barbara out of the Port of Valencia and into the dark Mediterranean while music from nearby clubs still pulses in the distance as the long Spanish night finally fades away.

The Barbara is one of the smaller fishing vessels that berth there, and one of the few lobster boats. Salva mans the boat with only his first mate, Oscar.

During their 10 hours at sea, they visit the various nets they scattered on the 20 square nautical miles they farm. While they aim to catch lobsters, the nets often bring up other sea creatures, from fish to stingrays to starfish.

Salva and Oscar have developed a strong relationship over their 15 years of working together, and they work efficiently and in tight step to raise and drop the nets and sort through the day’s catch. All the while, they joke and tease each other as only two seasoned sailors can.

After a full day the men return to port and cart their haul to the fish auction at the end of the dock, where merchants from markets, restaurants and distributors eagerly await. After the auction, Salva and Oscar divide the earnings, clean the boat and head home, prepared to repeat the process the next day.