Promoting change through digital narrative

Luke Rafferty


Promoting change through digital narrative

Luke Rafferty


Digital Narratives


If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact of a short film.

Your organization has a story to tell. Through stunning visuals coupled with emotional narratives, we can spark a fire in the hearts of many.


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My Story

Let’s travel back in time.

 Photo by: Jakub Moser

Photo by: Jakub Moser

First, let’s take a bus. Hillary’s campaign bus - that is - as it traveled over the bridge in Columbus, OH, the city where I spent 4 months working on her historic campaign.

Buckle your helmet and ride along, as I filmed a cyclist who was racing in the 2016 Race Across America, raising money towards a cure for brain tumors.

Zip up your cap and gown as I walked across the stage at Syracuse University, where I was awarded my Bachelor’s of Science in Photojournalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Grab your ice axe and climb the Rockies alongside me and a wounded veteran, as I told the story of her trekking toward a newfound purpose.

Put on your headset and sit in the co-pilot seat as I piloted over the Great Lakes, filming icebergs during the record-breaking winter of 2014.

Fasten your life jacket and come aboard as I sailed through the Mediterranean, producing a photo essay on the lives of Spanish fisherman.

Cue your playlist and buckle up as I road-tripped across the country, producing a series of documentaries on the hand-made creations of artisans in small town America in 2013.  

Jump into your turnout gear and ride along, as I photographed fires and accidents as the staff photographer for the Berwyn Fire Company.

Clip on the press pass and look through the lens, as I photographed President Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 as the first assignment for my small town newspaper.

What’s next? That’s up to you. Let’s find our story.



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