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Promoting change through digital narrative


Promoting change through digital narrative


Digital Narratives


If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact of a short film.

Your organization has a story to tell. Through stunning visuals coupled with emotional narratives, we can spark a fire in the hearts of many.


Together, let's tell those stories




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Luke Rafferty Visuals



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My Story

Photo by: Jakub Moser

Photo by: Jakub Moser

From childhood, I was rarely without a camera. Capturing family images, snapping outdoor landscapes, or creating videos with my older brother convincing our parents of the joys of having a dog — my mind was always on the lookout for a way to capture the stunning images and stories that surrounded me. That childlike wonder, exploring the stories around me is what allows me to weave powerful narratives into the work I produce.

Hopefully, my work inspires the same in you.

LRV is a scalable production company, capable of telling your story — no matter the size of the production. If you are looking to create a piece that captures stunning images, moves the hearts of those around you and portrays what your company or campaign is really about, LRV is up for the task.

Whether it be corporate social responsibility promo, a nonprofit profile, or a campaign vinette, the LRV team is well equipped to tackle any video project you can dream up. So think big, and we’ll work to capture exactly what you have been imaging.



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